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A poser is a person who acts in an affected way to impress others

synonym: exhibitionist, self-publicist, attention seeker, show off, and posturer.

Things change, people change, and of course, we change too. All that means is we become different, and in some cases, we transform entirely. In recent times, I experimented with my relationships to gauge connectivity. I asked myself tough questions, and what I discovered was riveting, religious soul-ties. Firstly, I asked God religious what? Secondly, why did I pretend that I didn't see it?

Here's what I came to understand about these soul ties when unhealthy connections develop one or more parties create subsets. In other words, a person bonds with another by opening all parts of their personhood to connect, like a port. Afterward, a subset builds where one persona connects to another persona. Unhealthy subsets alienate others from the relatable group. What I just said might be a lot to take in, but soul ties are not merely sexual.

Honestly, separations were breaking out in all of my relationships (religious, personal, collegial, etc.). I learned to be aware of disjoining regardless of how subtle the division may seem. Morally, I was attempting to exit several relationships because of gag orders. I was losing a grip on spiritual reality because the connections were dead and long irrecoverable. I digress.

We've all heard that communication is the pillar of relationships. Well, lack of communication is the forerunner that annihilates healthy subsets/soul ties. No matter why communication breakdowns exist, the only way to regain connectivity is through honest communication. However, if communication is denied emotional abandonment is inevitable, and the poser persona emerges. Have you ever wondered why Eve didn't ask God about the tree? I digress.

"Perfect" personalities were popping up all around me, saying everything is great! While the personas of envy, bitterness, backbiting, prognosticators, control freaks, and fornication were clearly observable. I was livid, so I decided to pray. I asked God to help me to see what He saw. After a few days of praying, God said separate yourself. I earnestly sought the Lord for weeks after he spoke to me because I was grieved. What once made my blood boil spoke to my passions for God's people. I was on another journey with God. Releasing my sentiments one by one, day by day, and night by night is what I call soul searching. I was exhausted, to say the least, but I wanted God's view more than I wanted denial. I needed a reboot.

The term poser is a popular word used on social platforms to describe fake or disingenuine concepts and personas. Interestingly, people become anything online? A chef or singer, buying likes and comments to appear celebrated. The funny thing is the same poser qualities leak into our interpersonal connections. The poser personas thrive in an illusionary paradox. The contradiction of what's said and done brings about trust issues, resentment, and other painful feelings.

The manifestation of the poser persona may lead to a begrudged spouse, relative, or friend. The parties in the relationship love one another, but one or both parties have masked their heart at this point. One of the synonyms for poser is posturer. As a noun, posturer means a conscious mental or outward behavioral attitude. If both parties continue posing for the cause of avoiding arguments, is love there? Drop the r and we find the word posture. Posture expresses that we assume a position for a special purpose. Soul-ties reflect our positions. God was after my position with people, places, and things. I needed to take a good look at what I spent my time on. Who was I more receptive to and why? Religiously, my soul was influenced by fantasy. I digress.

Posture reveals everything about a person, including their fears. Disingenuine relationships prove the same logic. The thing is, one or both parties stopped being genuine about needs, wants, and aspirations. True love seeks reconnection however, false love is merely lust. What lust connections can we rectify today? Jesus diligently sought love. Not the passionate sexual love that's presented in the world today. Love rebuked Peter. Love rescued Mary Magdelene. Love died for the sins of the world. However, the world's love wants gratification at the expense of others. Ladies and gentlemen, the conscious usuary of people with no heart connection is simply lust.

Before people do anything they connect. Connections are usually things they have in

common, like hobbies, education, family, etc. Afterward, parties remain connected or disconnect based on initial impressions. Their relationship develops based on the truthfulness of both parties' wants, desires, and goals. Eventually, both parties choose a temporary or permanent connection.

Posers are afraid to grow. New connections are tremendously hard, so they show up offering services or help to hide their personality flaws. Posers live in past glories, the person they use to be is more appealing to them than who they are at present. They are often envious of others but pride conceals those heart postures. The truth is, posers masquerade to gain acceptance from the world. Not realizing that what they need is a God-connection. Quick insert from Prophets and Deliverance, Eve needed to connect with God about her thoughts but she didn't. God-connection is the only way to meet the authentic you. Eve lost her authentic connection when she stopped talking with God. Just so you know, the real you is unafraid to connect deeply with our sovereign God. However, the soul, its ties, and its appetites is a different story.

These are the days of aberrations and I pray for those who are waking up from their sleeper cells. Until God's elect listen, learn, and live by the directives of God we're doomed to repeat the Garden experience over and over again. Father, I pray, thy kingdom comes, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).

In His Service,


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Prophets and Deliverance

Matthew 6:10

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