Frequently asked questions

How long are S.O.U.L. Sessions?

All sessions are 50 mintures long.

Can I book S.O.U.L. Sessions online?

Yes! To book online follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to "Home Page"
  2. Click the "Sessions" button
  3. Choose which option is best for you

How do I make payment?

Connect with us! When you book online or call to set an appointment we'll send you an invoice. That way you can keep record and have proof of your services.

How do I join the Glory Carriers Facebook Community?

Just email us and let us know you're interested. info@glorycarriersco.com or gcarriers.course@gmail.com

What is Glory Carriers Co.

Glory Carriers Co. is the housing component of S.O.U.L. Sessions, Hadar Dance, Glory Carriers Spiritual Training, and the Power of Twelve Mentorship. Glory Carriers Co. provides an outlet for faith-based businesses to touch the community through various avenues. Glory Carriers Spiritual Training provides an online and in-person space for people who want to learn more about God, their purpose, and how to live it out. S.O.U.L Sessions furnishes biblical cognitive behaviorial therapy for individuals who want to do soul work. Hadar Dance is a faith-based dance facility for creative minds. It serves as a safe space for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Finally, The Power of Twelve Mentorship gathers girls and women of all walks of life to teach life skills and the six components that make for a healthy and full life.

How do I join Hadar Dance?

You can join by visiting www.hadardance.com