It's been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Prophets and Deliverance, the latest title from Judith John is an influential page turner. Prophets and Deliverance is a quick read that will help people discover how prophets and deliverance coexist. This book affirms our legal right to live beyond the norm, to birthright privileges, and legacy. Finally, Prophets and Deliverance addressed the soul and can be a tool to help prophets understand how to Souly Overturn Legislative Effects of Falsehoods from a different perspective. This thought-provoking book takes on the foundational issues regarding the soul of humanity.

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The Prophetic Dance Manual and Handbook is a step by step guide into the world of prophetic dance.


This manual is laced with practical information which will enhance your understanding of the prophetic, the authority that God grants, and how to engage the prophetic spheres for growth and promotion.

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"If you're going to write, write because it calls you and not because it's a fad. Ask yourself, what can I give away to someone else without acquiring something in return? When you find the answer that my friend is a call."

Judith John